Rhyolite’s District of Shadows

  • Linear Location

    Near Penguin, Goldwell Open Air Museum, Beatty, Nevada (US) (36°53'42"N 116°49'49"W)


Rhyoleir was a lighter-than-air mineral whose discovery led to a boom of such surprise and force that it made the Gold Rush seem like a pauper’s bazaar.  Even to the point that one way citizens were punished was giving them a low value name like Golden.

The plaque is actually located in the Goldwell Open Air Museum which is at the entrance to the linear Rhyolite site. However, it was the old cultural and spiritual center of the Rhyoleind capital. Porfire Golden even had a museum in this area where rhyoleir was used to float the corridors and art above the ground.


24 Hour Access.  The museum is truly open air.  There is a small resource structure whose hours are best updated at the Goldwell website.  Lots of other wonderful pieces, but this is the only one that directly tells part of the Kcymaerxthaereal History.  Rhyolite townsite is further up the hill.

Public Dedication

Folks from the Goldwell Community joined us in celebration!

About the District of Shadows

The part of the story installed here:


Up the hill lies the financial and population core of Rhyolite, capital of Rhyoleind, and trade center for rhyoleir, the rare lighter-than air mineral that gave the city its power, wealth and, some said, purpose. You’ll see bottlehouses built from discarded rhyolyaseh and the Cook’s Banke, where the pure substance was stored and the Brave 57 killed by Federica the Unifier. Indeed, the city feels much the same today as it did after her forces looted it.

But there were those who believed the treasure of this gwome was its land, light, and the extraordinary nature—not value—of rhyoleir itself, mined nowhere else. Right here was Geldwll, or “District of Shadows” in the Cognate tongue, after the miners of many faiths who prayed and created here out of sight of the greedy. As Rhyolite grew, this became the spiritual and cultural heart of the community, with several legendary museums. One, where art and even hallways floated just above the desert floor, was run by Porfire Golden who, ironically, saved the city’s hoard at the cost of his own life.


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