Sin Palabras (Speechless)


This is the beginning of Culev Larsze’s wordless journey–it lasted many years, no one seems to know exactly how many.  Culev went from triumphal elation of saving countless lives (the creation of this waterway that kept the two warring armies apart long enough to cool the bloodlust) to personal trauma in mere moments.  But soon after she would be joined on her journey by Jlotkommen, the regal and powerful Nayn Jingkat–and she would be well protected for as long as need take.


Access during daylight hours to the eco-trail that leads to the marker.  The trail starts near the distinctive Aonni water bottling plant quite a few kilometers south of Punta Arenas, along the Strait of Magellan.

Public Dedication

There was no public dedication, but it was heading towards winter at the time.  So we were grateful simply to have the work done.

Speechless in English

The part of the story installed here:


When Culev Larsze stood here after stopping rëis p virelsj, or The Madness, the devastating pan-Kymaerican war between those who believed in Gods (of one or many kinds) and those who wanted simply to believe in the Worlds, she should have felt triumph— especially since the Worldly were safely to the other side of these waters. She had tricked the Gods into ending what she considered the completely unfair habit of intervening for their believers. As a result, the two foes were too evenly matched for any further assault across these waters, which were then much, much wider.

Even though she met the Gods, Culev did not believe in them. So, when she smirked after tricking them, it was too much for the Gods to take. Kmpass, the Urgend God of Directionality, punished her with a curse: She could not speak again—until she spoke without words to one without words. Until then she would have no language. She could not talk, not even to herself. So when she stood here, first looking out at the now unspeakable peace that she had wrought, then seeing her reflection in a shallow pool of water without knowing even how to call herself, she felt a loneliness like no other—all the lonelier without a name—and sensed it would require a new kind of thinking to prevail.

Sin Palabras en Español


Cuando Culev Larsze se paró aqui luego de detener rëis p virelsj, o La Locura, la devastadora guerra pan-Kymaericana entre aquellos que creían en dioses (de uno o varios tipos) y aquellos que deseaban simplemente creer en los Mundos, se debe haber sentido triunfante — especialmente porque los Mundanos estaban a salvo al otro lado de las aguas.  Ella había engañado a los dioses hasta llevarlos a terminar con el hábito de intervenir por sus creyentes, algo que ella consideraba completamente injusto.  En consecuencia, los adversarios estaban demasiado equiparados para cualquier futuro ataque al otro lado de estas aguas, que eran en ese entonces mucho más anchas.

Aunque conoció a los dioses, Culev no creía en ellos.  Así es que, cuando sonrió presuntuosa luego de haberlos engañado, los dioses no pudieron soportarlo.  Kmpass, el dios Urgende de la direccionalidad, la castigó con una maldición: no podría volver a hablar — hasta que hablara sin palabras a alguien sin palabras.  Hasta entonces, ella no tendría lenguaje.  Ella no hablaría, ni siquiera a si misma.  Entonces, cuando se paró aquí, primero, divisando la ahora innombrable paz que ella había generado, luego, mirando su reflejo en un charco de agua poco profundo sin siquiera saber como llamarse a si misma, sintió una soledad como ninguna — mucho más aguda y sin nombre — y comprendió que necesitaría un nuevo tipo de pensamiento para triunfar.

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