The Next Step (次の道程)

  • Linear Location

    Kazenobi (Museum of the Wind), Shintotsukawa-cho, Hokkaido, Japan (43°35'47"N 141°43'50"E)


One of the most important moments of the saga of the clan of Nobunaga took place here in what we call Hokkaido, when Nobunaga-Ventreven found himself here, unexpectedly and brutally alone, after the Battle of Some Times because of simple but almost irrevocable misstep.


This site is covered with snow throughout the harsh Hokkaido winter. Otherwise it is accessible any time the grounds of Kazenobi are open.

Public Dedication

A wonderful day, where the Geographer-at-Large and family worked with the local community to install the plaque and celebrate the installation. Museum founder Takenobu Igarashi was there as well.

English Text on this Installation

The part of the story installed here:

The Next Step

In Kcymaerxthaereal times, this place was a kind of ledge overlooking a great valley. When the hero Nobunaga-Ventreven finally awakened here, he recognized it from stories of a distant ancestor’s memory—learned even before he had lost his father. Then, with horror, Ventreven saw he was not with Mlates gi Dunhuira, his losana (a Cognate word meaning “the one you will be with forever”).

To fathom an impenetrable map, Ventreven had made its interpreter an øevdel—a promise one swears thinking it will be easy to keep—that he and Mlates would next walk as one. But while Ventreven’s courage had helped save the complexity of the world at the Battle of Some Times (off the coast of what we call Namibia), his impatience had parted him and Mlates in the chaos. With her now rezhns away, yet øevdel bound to walk together with him to this place he already was, any step would be heavy with doubt.

And Japanese text


フイズリセフロール仙代、     こは偉大なる渓谷を見 トろす須棚だつた。英雄 ノブナガ- レン ィンがこ     覚めた 第 はそれが遠 い先入の記憶から、父親を和失う前から知つていた代染 あるものであ ることがわかった。その時、彼 は彼の ーサナ(losana 「永遠に一緒にいる者」と書う 意味のコグネートの言葉) であるミロティーズ・ギ・ダンウィーアが一緒でないことに稀情した。

不可解な地図を読解するため、ヴェントレヴィンは通訳とエーブデルの匠いを交わしていた。それ は安易に果たせると 点えるもので、 彼とミ ナイ ーズがこれから共 に歩む ためのものだった。 レかが し、ヴェントレヴィンの田気が (現在のナミビア沖の) 時代大戦で世界の複雑さを救うことに頁献し た一方、その短気さが彼とミロティー ズの関係をカオスに おとしめた。彼女がはるか遠くに行って ンまったつ ーブデルで結 ばれた彼と共に 、かつて彼のいたことのある場所へー 縮 に 歩むことに なる。その道程は困難なものに違いない、。


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