Three Rezhns, One Name

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    Ringling Museum, Sarasota, Florida, US (27°22'57"N 82°33'34"W)



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The part of the story installed here:

Three Rezhns, One Name

It was on this spot, in Kcymaerxthaereal times, beneath the shade of a flock of never-landing birds, that a treaty between rezhns was signed. This was unusual. Like our continents and oceans, rezhns are more identified expanses and not really political entities. And just as coastlines divide the land and sea, rezhn borders delineate areas whose differences are even more dramatic, because every rezhn has its own particular collection of dimensions drawn, in turn, from its own unique structure of jemvelac (the qualities of existence like Time, Space, Lyhaedr and the like). In a very real sense, the laws of science themselves can change at each such frontier – but generally, though far from always, in a relatively seamless way.The classical map of Kcymaerxthaere depicts essentially just 29 rezhns. Strangely, three of them called themselves Kymaerica. Names and awareness of the others – evolved slowly, but eventually led to each insisting they were the true Kymaerica. Naturally, no Kymaerica wanted to be defined in relation to others (New? North? Jefret?). Communities of humans and other conversational creatures, at first only in the borderlands and bordertimes, but then throughout the Kymaericas gave in to cascading violence. Fed up, the Dyess of Sentreriya organized a series of cage fights in her homeland in the Further North to determine a Geographer for each Kymaerica. The bloodied but energized victors negotiated over two long years the so-called Solution of Sixes, bringing peace. They returned here, one of the Dyess’ adopted homes, to sign a document of abstraction and importance, wherein each Kymaerica gave up being first and agreed to be identified as sixth (written in different ways, but never pronounced): Kymaerica (\), Kymaerica (s), and, seen below:

(Sarkassum) Kymaerica

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