Tsoa!lᎧr (Gender Storms)

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    Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia (34°44'36"S 150°33'19"E)


This marker concerns a key detail in the growth and development of the Kcymaerxthaereal creature the xthaedra. Xthaedransg underdo something called ‘gender storms,” which is the result of a fluctuation in the jemvelac and dimension of a place which can cause an individual’s gender to change. Xthaedransg are most susceptible to it—and such storms are critical to certain essential aspects of their culture. Xthaedransg are known to have 12 genders.


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Tso!alᎧr (Gender Storms)

This shape you are reading from is fittingly the Beshwa Nyelvate (a shape language) word for “the equivalent of light.” For this area was a favorite haunt of Xthaedransg— extraordinary creatures without metabolism or volume in the traditional sense, but possesed of an extraordinary gift for conversation among other things. Since they didn’t have bodies in our sense, it is better to say each had a presence—which was made entirely of things like shapes, lines, edges and intersection points. They primarily lived within the Earth itself, generally never moving so much as an molecule as they travelled through it, but still being able to perceive something like form through the equivalent of light.

They enjoyed this place so much, first, because of its proximity to a segment of Menonterken, the great gorge that circled the Earth both continuously and discontinuously at the same time. And, second the seasons of this area included some of the most reliable tso!alᎧr. Often oversimplified as gender storms, a tso!al was set of fluctuations in the dimensions and jemvelac of the area that affected Xthaedransg quite bit more than other creatures. They did have offspring, but that process was quite complicated (to outsiders at least) not just due to their lack of metabolism, but also because Xthaedra could be any of 12 /amo!(pronounced zham-OH-[click] and basically akin to a gender). Every young Xthaedra had 11 parents—with the child’s own /amo! being the 12th. As a result, the gender of one’s issue was always known—unless, together, the parental unit experienced a tso!al since, as the storm passed, the gender of each would transform and shift multiple times, sometimes abruptly, sometimes with gentle knowingness. This one aspect of the very being of each Xthaedra could change through the whim of these winds, and yet the continuity of themselves would be unbroken. unsettling, but Some found it, most found it, joyous—and one was not considered a fully realized Xthaedra if one did not experience the tso!alᎧr and most of the /amo! several times in one’s lifetime.

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