Waiting for the Grwost

  • Linear Location

    Near 301 Fulton St W., Grand Rapids, Michigan, US (42°57'51"N 85°40'40"W)


This excellent example of an Aywatin Bench was collected early on in Park Lee Taf’s development of the Museum of the Bench site. Even today, fragments can be seen not far from the original ad hoc visitor’s center of the Museum. The history of this place was, of course, intimately related to that the ywreng that roughly approximated the path of the river. A similar place of waiting, with more tragic consequences, can be found about a mile upriver at Forest’s Rest.


Grand Valley State University, 301 Fulton St W., Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

It is on the Grand Rapids Campus of Grand Valley State University (on the right bank — West side here–of Grand River). It is right in front of John C. Kennedy School of Engineering.

Public Dedication

We had a walking tour of the 5 Kcymaerxthaere sites that were a part of Art Prize that year.


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