Willaugh Krk

  • Linear Location

    Near 1st and Main, Willow Creek, Montana, US (45°49'39"N 111°38'41"W)


Willaugh Krk is just one of the places where Eliala Mei-Ning, she of the voice whose beauty could not be concealed, sought refuge. It was her 55th place of hiding from the Puhnee after she witnessed the death of Li Thaat. She always had a soft spot in her heart for Jihn Wranglikan communities after their protection.


Near 1st and Main,
Willow Creek, Montana, US

Plaque is in the grass, easily seen from First Street, South Side of Street

Public Dedication

Installed in linear Willow Creek, in linear Montana, near First and Main Street (actually on First Street), near Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory which was founded by the amazing Dave Kirk (who lovingly installed it as well).

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Willaugh Krk

After being discovered at her 34th place of hiding, Eliala Mei-Ning, she of the voice whose beauty could not be concealed (and sole witness to the murder of Li Thaat), came here to Willaugh Krk, her next-and 55th-home. Like many Jihn Wranglikans, the people of this town were true believers in Krblin Jihn’s philosophy of willaugh, or refuge for the pursued, and hid her for a score of lumemes in the cellar of their tdgurtdg [place of worship]. But listening at the window during the Pentaakst service, she found herself singing softly along with the choir, who soon stilled themselves in awe as did even a restless herd of Woolly Rhinoceros—and Eliala knew she would be a fugitive once more. Indeed, though the merciless Puhnee, following the byways of the Chupacabra, soon walked these streets in anger, she was well on her journey to find the next sanctuary—her 89th.


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