Nyelvate (Shape Word) Glossary

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Linear Translation

(phonic equivalent unknown)


Beshwa Nyelvate


Smallest of the 4 inner moons of the planet Jupiter. Second one out. We call it Adrastea.

Familiarity with the inner moons—with their faster orbits— was considered critical to any Saqhaelin kitchen.
In fact, the moon we call Adrastea is particularly favored by chefs: not only is the time Adrastea takes to complete a transit of Jupiter just right for roasting a medium-size game bird like a Hemit [≈14 pound, at low temperature], it also crosses the Great Red Spot at a pace perfect for baking a tray of the local dessert, ek arve [pronounced zhek zharve]—kind of like a streckle-nut brownie. On the other hand, the so-called Galilean moons are best for scheduling at the time scale of one of our weeks.

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