Glossary of Kcymaerxthaere - b

Nyelvate (Shape Word) Glossary


base 29

[(as per linear English)]


(Linear English)


The numbering system used by many Kcymaerxthaereal cultures. Where numbers are presented in exponential units of 29 and the position of the digit is quite significant. When we write “5,” we mean 5 units of 1 each. And that is true in base 29 as well. But when we write “5243” in base 29 instead of base 10, we mean: 5 units of 24389 (29x29x29) each, 2 units of 841 (29x29) each, 4 of 29 each, and 3 of 1 each. Which in base 10 would be: 123,746. This is especially useful in the number languages like 158s—over 3.5 million words and names can be written with just 4 digits. In the appendix see one of the most commonly used set of symbols for base 29 in the xthaere.