Erinnert ihr euch an die Geschichte (Remember the Story . . .)

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    Skorpienplatz, near Kautzen, Austria


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This is one of the first Kcymaerxthaere Historical Sites in linear Europe.  Like a handful of the other earliest installations, the Historic Site was counted as a separate installation from the bronze plaque.

You can learn more from that marker installed here too . . .



I AM TOLD THESE DIRECTIONS ARE NOT SO GREAT. Probably best to go to the center of Kautzen and ask for directions to the Scorpion Platz. Near the town of Kautzen in linear Austria, not far from the Scorpion-Platz.

These are directions I got from Google Maps. They are from the Village of Kautzen which is nearby.


Head west on B30/Hauptpl./Thayatal-Bundesstraße toward B30/Heidenreichsteiner Str.
Continue to follow B30/Thayatal-Bundesstraße

THEN, you take a right towards Alm just as you get to Weissenbach (another village). You go for a kilometer or so and take a right and head up a hill.

Honestly? Put the co-ordinates above into Google Maps and print it out. Most people in the area are used to visitors to the ScorpionPlatz which is very close.

Public Dedication

We read the temporary plaque aloud and toasted just after sunset on October 1, 2008.  It would be a few years before the final plaque was installed—installation.  But what a joyous dedication.

Local Color

In the linear world this area is fascinating on a number of levels.  It is a working farm—which is always wonderful.  Also many of the rocks near by were known as the Skorpionplatz which means place of the Scorpion.  The rocks make the shape of the scorpion and were used by Celtic peoples who lived here for rituals and the like.

Lastly, the artist Manfred Stein hypothesized the notion of a Cathedral of Light at this location—or did he visualize it.  In any event it has become known as a UFO site as well.  And each year, members of the Stein family helps organize the Tree of Life gathering not more than 10 minutes from the Skorpionplatz.

The Story You Will Read There . . .

Erinnert ihr euch an die Geschichte
(Remember the Story . . .)

Wir glauben, dass ihr, die wir hier im Verborgenen ahnen, die’>’>’>Vimasakti seld- Nachkommen oder Vorfahren derjenigen, die uns besuchten. Wir glauben, dass ihr ihre Sprache immer noch kennt. Sie haben uns gesagt, dass sie manchmal?? als “Shifling Cognate” [dynamischer kognat] bezeichnet wird, da sich die Bedeutung der Wörter bei jedem Lesen ver¨andert.

—Geographer’s Note: this portion is installed only in German at the site, as per convention described at end.

It is true your constellation of rockes echoes what you see as the heavens, but not the pattern you believe. Even confined within your several dimensioned angroav, you may yet have the wisdom to find the reflection; in this mirror. The place of this new stone is, in a way, our move to sharing with you one silhouette of the xphaere.

Remember the story shared by so many gwomes: rough pebbles, perhaps, somehow thrown into a pond, creating briefly an archipelago at the moment they touch the erailet surface. And, if you could make yourself small enough, you could jump on one of those momentary islands and explore that new world, you think, forever. What’s more, if you slowed things slow enough, not just you but countless generations could live generous lives treasuring and tending to those worlds before each realm is submerged completely in that pool, be it water, liquid methane, scurla, or even the soil on which this stone now rests. That is what all of us believe.

And we all trust that the succeeding generations will sometime be beside their kind of waters, casting the new archipelagoes of the kCymaeraxphaere. In a way, these are the aunli things that survive while their islands – and even this stone — slip beneath what must be waves.

[Signature untranslatable]

NB: The translators ask us to note that, by the conventions of translating Dynamic Cognate, neither translation to a linear tongue is complete. One of these slabs translates the first 3 passages, the other the last 3. Translation resources may be available online.