Cookie Cutters of Kcymaerxthaere, 1st Edition (FULL SET)

Dive into a little known language through an unlikely medium:  flour and sugar! 
At KcyCentral, we embraced our time at home in 2020 in a very sweet way: we are launched our very first limited edition Kcy Cookie Cutters. Released originally for our 5th Kcymaerxthaere IndieGoGo campaign, we are now offering them here on our main webpage for purchase. We hope these cookie cutters will bring some joy, some thinking, and of course—some cookies. . . what’s more, you can learn a parallel world language while you bake! Indulge a bit, and learn some words from the Beshwa Nyelvate language with us.

All cutters are etched with Kcymaerxthaere 1E, denoting them as the very first edition of this collector’s item (yes, they’re limited edition!).We have a feeling these are the world’s very first first edition collectible cookie cutter set! Even more, full sets come with a custom printed canvas bag, as well as a double-sided Nyelvate decorating tip-sheet to learn basic Nyelvate cookie communication.

$125.00 (Shipping included for US only.)