Bentuk Rasa Syukur (The Shape of Gratitude)

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    SMK Negeri 1 Rota Bayat, Bayat, Klaten, Indonesia (7°47'4"S 110°38'32"E)


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Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Bentuk Rasa Syukur (The Shape of Gratitude)

One of the most famous Pjerumahty (Champions) of Kcymaerxthaere, Færin Gætpayk, lived near this spot when this place was not only far from any town, but also a bit further from the Sun. In fact, huge geometries of ice hid his home most of the year. One day, a woman named Culev Larsze was chased towards this place by the townsfolk. She unnerved them, not only because she rode on the back of a Saber-Tooth Tiger, but because of her silence. They did not know that when Culev had thwarted a cruelty of the Gods, the Gods had taken away her gift of language with a curse: she could not speak, not even to herself. Færin saw her sincerity and, though she no longer understood words, his generous heart (and good food) warmed both her and the beautiful animal.

Years later and far away, the curse lifted, walking a river bank, Culev saw a perfect stone. It was in the shape of her gratitude, with the color of her love, the texture of her untold story, and the weight of her life. Putting that stone in a woven basket, she whispered to the tiger. The great cat picked the basket up in her teeth and carried it all the way here as a gift for Færin. Some say it was the first Ogriyaa Pjerumah, a Cognate phrase often translated as Champion’s Gift, meaning literally, “something for the home of the one who believed in me.”

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