Færin Gætpayk

One of the most famous Pjerumahty (Champions) of Kcymaerxthaere whose generous heart (and good food) warmed both Culev Larsze and her Saber-Tooth Tiger, and whose generosity was rewarded by Culev in the form of a perfect stone in the shape of her gratitude, with the color of her love, the texture of her untold story, and the weight of her life. As a result, Færin is said to have been the recipient of the first Ogriyaa Pjerumah, a Cognate phrase often translated as Champion’s Gift, meaning literally, “something for the home of the one who believed in me.” A man who offered aid and comfort to Culev Larsze and Jlotkammen. A true Pjerumahty (Champion) despite the rudeness of his village.