Court of the Nayn Jingkats

  • Linear Location

    Adams Ave., Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA (43°2'16"N 70°46'0"W)



Front Yard
5 Adams Ave.,
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Public Dedication

Wild disco dancing afterwards!

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #116 — the first in gNu Hampshire, a distrykt in what we call the United States.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Court of the Nayn Jingkats

In Kcymaerxthaereal times, misozoic trees, living stone and wise microbes of this and other nearby gwomes brought out the best and worst in its inhabitants, from people to xthaedralb. But there was no more noble creature in this land than the Nayn Jingkat, whom an admiring Nobunaga-Ventreven called “the purest, fiercest and most literate Saber-Tooth Tiger breed of them all.” Indeed, though we associate the nomadic Urushiol with lands far to what we call the West, their most noble chiefs would actually travel here to earn by word and deed a Nayn Jingkat as their steed. Though magnificent with their elaborate skin engravements—traced with application after application of the purest extract of the excruciating galaatan, a plant said to make the worst of poison ivy feel like a caress, such powerful Urushiol lords were only supplicants in this Court.

After Culev Larsze tricked the Gods and saved the lives of millions when she ended the rëis p virelsj (the sea of endless war sometimes called The Madness), Kmpass, the Urgend God pf Directionality, cursed her by taking away her gift of language so she could not speak—not even to herself. Falteir, the leader of the Urushiol, risked a cascading hopscotch through time and ferylemt to come here. In gratitude not for his own life, but for those of his warriors, he beseeched Jlotkammen, the finest Nayn Jingkat of her generation, to be Culev’s companion and guardian for the wandering years until that curse might be lifted. As always, it was a decision only the great cats themselves could make, but Jlotkammen quickly assented.


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