Fegren of the Air

  • Linear Location

    Dublin, Georgia (US) (32°32'20"N 82°54'14"W)


What is particularly interesting is the connection to the people of the Fegrean Uhn in Oceanic Georgia, and how some of their values were preserved there.

The Fegren of the Air Monastery had some qualities in common with the Eqlmundi Kirwela, but since it was intended to network with other monasteries, it was not a stand alone structure.



On side of building.
200 S. Jefferson Street
Dublin, GA

Public Dedication

It went in on Sunday, October 21, 2006 on a building in Dublin, Georgia in the gwome of Braethrens.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Fegren of the Air

Dublin’s monastery district, once one of the larger in Kymaerica both in height and area, was all but destroyed in fighting with the Arrowhead Confederacy and their mobs of Geraldine mercenaries. Only this early example, the Monastery of the Fegren of the Air, survived essentially intact, but ensnarled in severed cables that once were lines of life and friendship to other orders. As with most monasteries, a few floors below the rooftop farmscape was a ten foot thick, structure-wide plug of concrete protecting the brethren, their livestock, and their library—now swollen with salvaged and bloodied books—from hazards below.


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