Rising of the Ghelyrns (蓋洛倫斯的升起)

  • Linear Location

    Paposogan (Seashore Park), Taitung, Taiwan (22°45'10"N 121°9'54"E)


This marker tells another part of the story of the Rabansg, the playful dolphin like creatures who pioneered the use of Gehlyrns to follow trails in the Ferylemt.


Easily walked, driven or bicycled to.

Public Dedication

Public dedication of this marker took the form of a press conference hosted by Chi-Yi Chang, Taitung County Deputy Governor. Later that day, it was announced by the Geographer-at-Large at TEDxTaitung.

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #101 and the third in in linear Taiwan.

Text in English

The part of the story installed here:

Rising of the Ghelyrns

In Kcymaerxthaereal times, where you stand now would actually have been some distance beneath the surface of another landscape: the smooth, even gently cushioning, slope of a coastal mountain. Generations of spectators had worn it to a perfect expression of use: an exquisite place to watch the rising of the ghelyrns, transparent dirigible-like vessels filled with water and many of whose passengers were the playful, dolphin-like creatures known as rabansg. Laying back on the ground, your angle of view faced the sky, but still let you see the massive forms emerge from the ocean waters to pass slowly over you, starting their long journey over what we call Asia to our Arctic Sea. When families next to you cheered and waved, the smiling young rabansg high above gleefully waved their fins and zephyls right back.

Despite their great weight, these aircraft were actually floating, since they followed paths in the sky that existed neither in Time nor Space, but in Ferylemt, an utterly different quality of existence. Soon adopted widely, ghelyrns were invented by a brash rabansg, Dyam (a bit like a prince) Mdftdgft!h, so he could avoid swimming all the way around what we call the continents. Indeed, the importance of Mdftdgft!h’s first trip was vividly captured by pSegolene (and her mind-reading RockMary lizards) in her memoirs.

Text in Chinese



這種飛艇雖然沉重,卻能輕盈地飄浮在屬於方域連莫特中的軌道,存在於時間與空間之外的一種特殊次元。這迅速成為流行的蓋洛倫斯飛艇,是由一位個性急躁的鰙奔斯格帝安 (類似王子的稱謂)嘛嗒嘰,為了避免環繞陸地長泳所發明的。他首航的深遠影響,都生動地收錄在賽宮琳 (和她懂得讀心術的石瑪麗蜥蜴)的回憶錄中。


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