Sacrifice and Fortitude

  • Linear Location

    Off Alden Street (rather like an alley), Brisbane, QLD, Australia (27°27'19"S 153°2'5"E)


Few battles have had such an impact on the landscape of the worlds as the Battle of Devil’s Marbles where the People of the Rock defeated the Material Alliance. And, ironically, that impact is primarily because of the dispersal of the most reluctant of the partners: The Tehachapi, the great road building culture of Kcymaerxthaere. After the decisive Battle of the Devil’s Marbles, the destruction of the Tehachapi as a military force and even a cultural entity in Estrelliia took less than a year to complete.

One decisive exchange took place here–it determined which band would eventually reconstitute and adapt their values in the land known as Kymaerica (s), and who would become a synonym for sacrifice.  Long after these events, and they established themselves in numerous rezhns, the Tehachapi were resolutely neutral–even during the Battle of Some Times.



If you go to Wickham Street, between Ballow and Constanze in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley area, and stand on the north side of Wickham, then you will see a car park between the Australia Post building on the left, and another building on the right (not sure what business is in there now). Walk through this car park and you will see a garage in front of you and an exit ramp for the garage to the right. That “street”–it feels more like an alley–is called Alden Street. If you look to the right there and look on the backside of that building (that was on the right)  a bit higher up–there be the story.

Public Dedication

Formal dedication did not take place, but it was celebrated in the Kcymaerxthaere portion of the Finding Country series organized by Kevin O’Brien at Queensland University of Technology.

The Story on a Wall in Fortitude Valley

The part of the story installed here:


After the Battle of the Devil’s Marbles, where the attacking Material Alliance was routed by the People of the Rock, several bands (most scholars say eight) of the Tehachapi, the great road building culture of Kcymaerxthaere, attempted to flee Estrelliia (the initial k is neither written nor pronounced) in various directions. Always half-hearted members of the Alliance, they vowed on the blood drenched battlefield to never be aggressors again.

The Third and Fourth bands made it here, the river and ocean tantalizingly close, when they were beset by the victors, still riding their dangaroos (the so-called war kangaroos, with armored pouches that could hold a warrior, and huge claws that disemboweled a man from 20 paces). Lots were quickly drawn and the doomed Third Band held off the attackers until the others could launch their rafts of asphalt. Though many sank, most survived the long journey to the Kymaerica rezhns, where new, resolutely neutral, Tehachapic gwomes of service were founded.

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