• Linear Location

    About 20 miles southeast of Deming, New Mexico, US (32°4'38"N 107°29'57"W)


This plaque is also part of a Kcymaerxthaere Historical Site known as Faltese (Pømzhirl) Impact Crater. But to focus on the story on the plaque itself, it reminds us how fungible perception really is and how we rely–and especially in Kcymaerxthaere this is quite unwarranted– on the assumption that other folks basically perceive the physical environment as we do. The story of the Chej Asos reminds one of that.


About 1/2 a mile west of County Road B047, on Savota Road (actually, it may be Gaviota–but it says Savota on Google Maps). We recommend you take a right on Palo Alto from B047 and then go down the unnamed fenceline road to Savota

Public Dedication

None as yet.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:


Off the coast of linear Namibia is a rezhn called The Faltese, the superheated ocean desert floor where raged the epochal Battle of Some Times. The Armies of Complexity prevailed amidst a great cataclysm that scattered desert fragments across what we call the Earth. A pømzhirl—like a fraction—of a single grain of sand fell to ground here, its crater (largely reconstituted) forming the shape before you – what’s known as a Chéj-Asos Triangle.

For virtually anyone standing at this spot today, the information from your eyes resolves itself in your mind as what you see before you here: the shape of a curvilinear, fairly irregular, surface form with subtle rises and depressions. But, interestingly, if members of the Chéj-Asos culture (they lived here in Kcymaerxthaereal times) were standing next to you, the same sight would resolve in their mind’s eyes as a precise three sided shape as regular and uniform in surface as the base this plaque is on seems to us. In fact, if we could read their minds as they looked steadily at what we know to be an equilateral triangle, the chaos of form being seen through their eyes would be unrecognizable, alluring and very present to the touch.


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