Amory Frontage and his line

Amory Frontage was the founder of all the Parises in Kymaericas (the 3 rezhns bound by the treaty negotiated by the Dyess of Sentreriya).  He would found one and then after a while move on to found another.  His son, Earl, also became an explorer–though it is not likely Earl became a Jesuit (as is sometimes claimed).

Wu/drōciell and the Measure of Justice

Wu/drōciell was an extraordinary woman who was one of leaders the attempt to return all the evriat, an exquisite mineral which had once formed the seabed of a vast lagoon called Harlacy (which means: the Measure of Justice), to that ravaged body of water.

Dimensions and Jemvelac

Jemvelac are the qualities of existence–like Time, Space and ferylemt. There are other ones whose name is in the Language of Experience. Jemvelac (the singular is jemvela) can in turn be comprised of many dimensions.


Menonterken is the staggering lacework of deep, textured gorges that at one time wrapped around the surface of our planet. However, although each part of Menonterken was in a different place, the gorges themselves were continuous–so if you walked continuously along the floor of the gorge, you would perceive your location as never changing.

Some well known characters of the xthaere

These are rather fascinating characters of Kcymaerxthaere who have been but glimpsed in the narratives installed to date, but are very likely to make more appearances. Folks such as Iralette of the Wendaentz, Fafamyjac, Forrest Bess, the Dyess of Sentreriya and more.

A Few Storied Cultures of the Xthaere

This story is not really one unified story, but survey of some of the cultures of Kcymaerxthaere that, while so far acting as islands, are likely weave their way into the narratives that have not yet been installed as widely as the rest of the stories listed here.

The Great Tenderness

We have only installed the first part of this story, but there is much more to come. It involves a troubled space alien who appears to threaten what we call the Earth.

Aftermath of the Battle of Some Times

The Battle of Some Times was a culmination of a conflict between those who wanted to make the world too simple and those who believed in the richness of the worlds. Its aftermath was equally

Yaarayehyays and other Lunar Travelers

Yaarayehyay are five and half winged birds that use the half wing (called a zephyl) to fly through Time and ferylemt.  They figure in many legends and stories–including one that may determine the fate of Kcymaerxthaere itself. In that one, there is a puzzle on the Moon.

Bala Qhova and the Water Moles

Water Moles are amazing creatures (about the size of a medium size cow) who tunnel through the water secreting a mucus that hardens on contact with water.  It was Bala Qhova who decided to domesticate them–changing the history of the xthaere.