Kirguellin is a key figure in the fight to save the richness of the world as he was the leader of the Armies of Complexity in fighting known collectively as the Battle of Some Times.  He lost his family –indeed his entire gwome–to Kmpass and that motivated him intensely to save other communities from that fate.  Only a smattering of his story has been told.

Flora and Fauna

There were many different unique flora and fauna in Kcymaerxthaere.  And creatures and organisms of many kinds appear on many different installations.  The installations here are ones that have significant sections that center on the unique qualities of specific creatures.  (To include every marker or site that alludes to an xthaedra, for example, would make this story less useful.)

Culev Larsze and The Madness

The story of Culev Larsze begins with the story of the Urushiol, because it was they who eventually found Gevrian Melam and embroiled him The Madness–a time of terrible fighting between those who believed in Gods and those who believed in the Worlds.  Eventually he was the one who told Culev of the pointless slaughter which she decided to try to put a stop to.  She did–at great personal cost.